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Chamomile Tea Bag Eye Treatments

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Chamomile Tea Bag Eye Treatments

Here at Surfer Eye, we focus on the detrimental effects of sun exposure and other outside elements that may seriously damage your eyes. But there are some of you that have already passed the point of preventative measures and seek treatment. If you like to take things naturally, that is make herbal remedies, Chamomile is a wonderful herbal alternative used to treat swelling and puffy eyes.


  • Produced out of a daisy like flower.
  • Has been used for thousands of years to cure a number of ailments (anxiety, stress, rash, insomnia, skin inflammation, cuts and bruises)
  • Used as a strong tea for consumption
  • Smells similar to apples.
  • Is widely available at supermarkets and health food stores.
Using Chamomile for Medicinal Purposes
  • Acquire chamomile Tea bags
  • Soak the tea bags in steaming, but not boiling water
  • Let the bags cool and use them as a compress
  • Place the cool chamomile tea bags directly on your eyes
  • Lye down using this procedure and the chamomile tea bags will act as a compress, healing your swelling or puffiness.

Results may vary, but it’s always worth a shot!
Do not use if you are allergic to herbs.

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